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ofur – matser (crafting the pendant)

The jewelry design process begins with receiving a rough sketch of the desired design. This sketch is translated into a detailed 3D model using specialized software for the jewelry industry. After approval, the model is carefully checked for technical details. Subsequently, the 3D model is printed using a special liquid consisting of 30% wax, resulting in a tangible prototype.

After completing the 3D printing, the print is taken to the foundry. There, the model undergoes a process called “treeing.” This involves melting the model onto a wax rod using a soldering iron. The wax rod is mounted on a rubber base and surrounded by a tube, which is firmly clamped into the rubber base. Plaster is poured into the tube, and then it is placed in a vacuum machine to remove all air from the plaster.

Once the plaster has cured, the tube is placed in an oven. The temperature gradually rises over a period of 12 hours, causing the wax to melt and leaving a cavity of the model, also known as the mold. The mold is removed from the oven the next day and placed in a casting machine. This machine tightens the mold using air. At the top of the casting machine is a crucible where the liquid metal, either silver or gold, is poured. The machine draws the molten metal from the crucible into the mold.

After a few minutes of cooling, the mold is placed in a spray booth, where high-pressure water is sprayed onto the mold. This dissolves the plaster, allowing the models to be removed from the mold.

The finishing process begins now. Sharp edges are filed down, and the model is thoroughly polished. This results in the “mother model,” the perfectly finished base that forms the core for further reproduction. A silicone mold is made using the mother model, and the silicone mold is pressed under heat and pressure with the mother model in between. Wax is injected into the silicone mold using an injection machine, allowing the model to be reproduced endlessly.

After the model is neatly finished, it is placed in a polishing drum. Here, the parts that are difficult to reach by hand are polished. After polishing, the pendant is almost ready, and any final details, such as setting stones or working the metal, are added.

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